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What is sludge ?

Sludge is a by-product of waste water treatment plants. Other recoverable by-products come directly from industrial processes (gypsum, concentrates, organic substrates, etc.).

Sludge and by-products are rich in fertilizing substances and can therefore be beneficial to agriculture. Their different origins make it possible to constitute a range of soil improver or organic fertilizers.

Types of sludge

Sludge and liquid by-products



Sludge and liquid by-products are spread with special equipment: drop hoses, injectors, slurry tankers, etc

Drop hoses

Drop hoses

Solid and cake by-products

Different types of cake and solid by-products

Epandeur à boues solides

Solid sludge spreader

Solid sludge and by-products are spread with special equipment.

Dried sludge

Dried sludge granules

A pellet spreader

A pellet spreader

Dried sludge is applied to land with a pellet spreader.

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