Dewatering of waste water sludge

Reducing sludge volume and widening the disposal or recovery outlets by preliminary dewatering is a solution available to all treatment plants, regardless of size.

Mobile units

Choose the ideal solution for your treatment plant

On request, SEDE Environnement can come into your facility and provide filter presses or centrifuges, as required.

We work alongside you to specify exactly the services we can provide

  • Economical-technical analysis
  • Construction and commissioning of equipment
  • Conducting analyses and tests on liquid sludge
  • Supply of chemical reagents
  • Dewatering
  • Recovery and/or disposal of sludge

Rental of dedicated units

The right equipment for your sludge outlet

A number of criteria influence the quantities of sludge generated by an industrial facility or urban waste water treatment plant. Dewatering of sludge can thus become a challenge, either intermittent or permanent.

Whatever the situation, SEDE Environnement can provide the appropriate equipment, while awaiting the set up of a permanent facility or to complement existing plant.

  • Expert analysis of existing resources and study of needs
  • Sizing of resources
  • Cost study
  • Laboratory tests
  • Installation and commissioning of equipment
  • Start-up
  • Externalization of operation

Our winning card: solutions appropriate to the size of your facility.

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