The cement Industry

The cement industry is developing the use of alternative renewable fuels since more than 10 years. These materials are providing energy and mineral elements that are part of clinker constitution.

Clinker production is a high temperature process (+/- 1450°C) consisting in the decarbonation of calcareous rock with addition of silicium, aluminium and iron oxide. After cooling and grinding the clinker is mixed with gypsum to obtain Portland cement.

The exclusive use of coal and petcoke as fuelling materials has been progressively replaced up to a 60% substitution rate by solvents, meat and bones meals, RDF and sludge.

The beneficials impacts of this trend are:

  • Savings in non revewable feedstocks or fossile fuels
  • Fixation of trace elements into the clinker
  • Avoidance of anny final residue

SEDE Environnement has agreed contracts with different cement group for being able to propose to sludge producers an alternative outlet to landspreading, composting or advanced digestion.

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