Biomass as a fuel

Throughout its plants network distributed all over France SEDE Environnement undertakes the conditioning and storage of biofuels. These biofuels are then after delivered to biomass boilers located into the vicinity of our plants.

A local production

Feeding biomass boilers with biofuels is an effective process to limit the impact of human activities on the environnement.

A global service

In the biofuel production process SEDE Environnement takes care of:

  • Biomass delivering
  • Sorting where necessary
  • Grinding and screening
  • Mixing to homogenize the final product
  • Storage

Ashes recovery

Biomass boilers are producing an average of 3% of the biomass received in ashes. Coming from the burning of high quality biomass and due to their agronomical value the ashes can be recovered by landspreading or composting.