Landspreading is a practice that is as old as agriculture itself. Its purpose is to return to the soil some of the organic matter and fertilizing elements that crops remove.

Preliminary studies

A preliminary study is carried out to determine the suitability of the landbank for spreading and to validate the agricultural properties of industrial and urban by-products.

Sensitive areas are excluded (e.g. near water abstraction point or river).
Each plot of land is studied and recorded.
Soils are analyzed before spreading to assess their needs and check on their suitability for spreading.

Preliminary studies include the following services


Transport, storage, spreading, SEDE Environnement commits oneself towards its customers and proposes operation management in the frame of long term contracts.

Agronomical advices and relationship with farmers

Farmers are provided with personalized information and agronomical advices specific to their lands.

This provides the optimum integration of the sludge and by-products in their Nutrient Management Plan. Spreading rates are determined taking into account plant needs, the quantities of fertilizing elements released from the sludge and from of the soil. Additional fertilization provided by the farmer is planned, if necessary.


The sludge and by-products are analyzed regularly. Soils are analyzed prior to spreading, to verify their suitability to receive the sludge and by-products.

Biosolid Spreading Monitoring

SEDE Environnement's team of agronomists works permanently alongside farmers. They provide tracking and -monitoring of spreading through provisional planning, a spreading register and Nutrient Management Plan, as well as updating of the data integrated in the preliminary studies.

Transparency and traceability

Farmers and the local authorities receive all of the analytical information relative to soils and to the by-products spreaded on land. All of the spreading data are recorded and then processed with the SUIVRA software.

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