Organic Fertilisers Export

By-products and organic waste of food industries

Agriculture, food industries and communities are producing significant quantities of by products and organic waste such as:

  • Manure,
  • Slurry,
  • Poultry droppings,
  • Green waste,
  • Bio-waste.

These resources can be transformed into valuable organic fertilisers throughout composting, anaerobic digestion, drying …

Nevertheless, in certain regions such as Flanders or in certain countries such as the Netherlands, nitrogen or phosphorus supply to the soil are already in excess due to the huge production of animal manure. Therefore it is necessary to export the organic fertilisers presenting the highest added value toward areas where external supply of plant nutrients is needed.

In this framework, SEDE and its subsidiary ADS are in a position to guarantee the regular management of your organic products under optimal financial conditions.